Sky Map company is an official dealer of the CityPoint system in Kazakhstan, providing equipment and services for satellite monitoring of vehicles
Manage your fleet from a single platform, with the key features of the CityPoint system
Version for mobile phone and tablet
Access from any device: mobile phone, tablet, computer at any time convenient for you
Notification settings
One of the most important conditions for the successful operation of the vehicle fleet is to receive warnings about the location of the cargo, exceeding speed, leaving the geofence
Building the optimal route
Reduce your mileage and fuel consumption by creating zones and routes for the driver. The system also allows you to do a plan-fact analysis
Report customization
CityPoint offers a flexible reporting system. Start with a standard reports and make them more informative in accordance with your t asks
The language interface is available in six languages, including Kazakh, which is not available in other similar services
Engine diagnostics
CityPoint collects and transmits data on the state of the vehicle engine and working time
of GPS/GLONASS system
Fuel economy
Reduction emergency situations

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