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Objective data on the operation of transport in real time
When operating a fleet of vehicles with a large number of vehicles it is difficult to control the operation of each car.
By connecting to the GLONASS/GPS satellite monitoring system CityPoint, you get an objective picture of the operation of all vehicles in the park, reduce downtime and increase your revenues. A unique set of CityPoint tools provides the ability to control the quality of driving, based on summary data on:
- exceeding the speed limits;
- use of seat belts and dipped headlights;
- exceeding the limits of sharp acceleration and braking;
Online analytics
To make informed decisions it is necessary to be guided by statistical data on the operation of the vehicle fleet.
Online analytics CityPoint brings together the entire history of the park and provides a consolidated dynamics of production processes: by days, weeks and months, which allows you to build a system of business processes.
The GLONASS/GPS system of CityPoint vehicle monitoring allows to reduce costs by:
- tracking the operation parameters of the vehicle;
- control of engine speed and temperature;
- control of sudden braking and acceleration;
- control of the operation of additional units and aggregates of vehicles
Manage the project from start to finish
In order to capture the full potential of the Internet of Things:
You need to connect machines and equipment to the system, collect data from related objects and convert this data into useful information in real time. With CityPoint you get the benefits of individual service where we easily integrate your cars into a single information system

Remote access from anywhere in the world
Uninterrupted system operation 24 hours a day
Notification of events in the system interface
The possibility of driver quality control on the basis of summary data
Vehicle protection against theft and pilferage
Specify a location on the map
Why choose us?
Reduce costs
up to 30% for fuel and resources associated with the operation of transport, by eliminating the misuse of the distance traveled, reducing the non-target drive
Savings on maintenance
of transport and extending th time of its operation and reducing the mileage
Reducing the risk
of losses from the hijacking of transport and theft of cargo
Timely informing
customers about the location of cars and cargo
Operative compilation
of routes and waybills, determination of control tasks
Rapid development
of reports and logs on the operation of vehicles
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